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300 KW Solar System Installed At Jalal Din Cold Storage Lahore

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300 KW Solar System Installed At Jalal Din Cold Storage Lahore

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CLIENTJalal Din Cold Storage Lahore


Solar PV panels


300 KW (Net Metering)


666 (Canadian Solar)


450 watt


3 (100 KW Huawei)

Per month unit Produced

36,000 Units

300 KWh Solar System At Jalal Din Cold Storage In Lahore

Jalal Din Cold Storage, a big player in keeping things cool, joined hands with Electronic Solutions to bring sunshine into their operations. By teaming up for a modern 300 KWh solar power system, Jalal Din Cold Storage shows they’re all about embracing clean energy and being kind to our planet.

Electronic Solutions is thrilled to announce the successful installation of a robust 300 KWh solar energy system at Jalal Din Cold Storage in Lahore. This project is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions, furthering our mission towards a greener future

Key Features of Solar Power System 

Jalal Din Cold Storage actively contributes to a cleaner environment, reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.Embark on a journey through the core features that make our project a true standout.

  • The 300 KWh solar system is like a tailored suit for Jalal Din Cold Storage designed to perfectly fit and meet their energy needs, ensuring a significant boost in power.

  • Our solar panel technology has maximize energy efficiency and power generation, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Beyond functionality, our solar system is a meticulously crafted to blend seamlessly with Cold Storage’s operations.

Client Quote

One of the standout features of Electronic Solutions is their commitment to understanding our unique energy needs. The project was executed seamlessly, thanks to Electronic Solutions’ efficient project management.


Head of Royal cold storage Lahore

The project unfolded seamlessly, adhering to a meticulously planned timeline. Electronic Solutions ensured minimal disruption to Jalal Din Cold Storage’s operations, showcasing our commitment to efficiency.

Our Contributions:

The completion of the 300 KWh solar system installation at Jalal Din Cold Storage reflects Electronic Solutions’ dedication to providing top-notch, sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to contribute to our client’s journey towards operational excellence and environmental responsibility.

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