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About Us

Solar panels installation by E SOlutions team
Solar power system installed by E SOlutions team
Solar power system overview by E SOlutions team

Who We Are

Powering Progress, One Innovation at a Time

E Solution is a diversified, forward-thinking company dedicated to empowering Pakistan through sustainable solutions. From illuminating lives with solar energy to providing pure water and crafting digital dreams, we are a driving force behind progress. With three distinct brands under our umbrella – E Solar (Solar Installation), Just Pure (Water Purification), and WP Dreams (Software Development & E-commerce) – we are a comprehensive force for innovation.


Wind energy into electricity using


Wind energy into electricity using

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Our Vision

We envision a Pakistan powered by clean energy, access to pure water, and the boundless potential of technology. We strive to be a beacon of sustainable development, leaving a lasting positive impact on society and the environment.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower communities by providing reliable, accessible, and sustainable solutions. We aim to light up homes, quench thirst with pure water, and fuel digital growth, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

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Our Values

Every watt empowers, every drop refreshes, every line of code elevates. We believe in progress powered by integrity, innovation, and a sustainable future.

Salman Bin Azhar


CEO's message

Hi there! I'm Salman Bin Azhar CEO of E Solutions. We are not just about business rather we're with a vision to build a better tomorrow for Pakistan. We believe in the power of clean energy, pure water, and digital solutions to transform lives. So let's work together, light by light, drop by drop, to create a future that shines for everyone!

Solar Solutions overview

We are Building a Sustainable Future

Experience the assurance of quality installation for reliable and efficient energy solutions.

Committed to providing cost-effective solutions through efficient and reliable installations

12-year replacement warranty, coupled with a 30-year life warranty, assuring durability.

Electronic solutions excel in reliability, consistently delivering stable performance, whether in consumer gadgets or complex industrial systems.


Our Company Profile

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