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220 KW Solar System Installed At Mehtab Cold Storage Lahore

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220 KW Solar System Installed At Mehtab Cold Storage Lahore

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Mehtab Cold Storage


Solar PV panels


220 KW 


 408(Canadian Solar)


540 watt


2 (100 kW Huawei + 60W)

Per month unit Produced

26,400 Units

220 Kw Solar System Installed At Mehtab Cold Storage Lahore

Mehtab Cold Storage Lahore, a prominent player in the cold storage industry, has embraced renewable energy by partnering with Electronic Solutions for the implementation of a robust 220 KW solar power system. This strategic collaboration reflects Mehtab Cold Storage’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and adopting environmentally responsible practices.

Electronic Solutions proudly announces the successful completion of a transformative solar installation project at Mehtab Cold Storage in Lahore. The installation of a state-of-the-art 220 KW solar energy system is a testament to our commitment to providing  sustainable energy solutions.

Key Features of Solar Power System 

The installation of the 220 KW solar system contributes significantly to Mehtab Cold Storage’s efforts in environmental conservation. This tailored solution aligning with their commitment to sustainable practices. This project not only marks a milestone in our collaboration but also have following features: 

  • The solar system installed at Mehtab Cold Storage has a capacity of 220 KW, providing a substantial contribution to the facility’s energy needs.

  •  Electronic Solutions incorporated the latest advancements in solar panel technology to maximize energy efficiency and power generation.

  •  The solar system was meticulously designed to meet the specific energy requirements, ensuring both efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Client Quote

 Electronic Solutions has helped us reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, greener future, aligning perfectly with our values.


Head of Mehtab cold storage Lahore

The project was executed with precision, adhering to a well-defined timeline. Electronic Solutions ensured a smooth transition from the initial assessment to the successful activation of the solar system.

Our Contributions:

The completion of the 220 KW solar system at Mehtab Cold Storage underscores Electronic Solutions’ dedication to providing innovative and sustainable energy solutions. We are proud to contribute to Mehtab Cold Storage’s commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.

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