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Fronus PV 7200

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Fronius PV 7200 inverter is a true game-changer in the world of solar energy. It’s not just a reliable pure sine wave inverter. Also it’s a versatile powerhouse that seamlessly operates on or off the grid. With cutting-edge Wi-Fi and GPRS connectivity, you can effortlessly monitor and control it using your iOS or Android devices.

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Fronus PV 7200 inverter is a versatile and cutting-edge solar solution designed to provide reliable energy conversion in both on-grid and off-grid scenarios. This pure sine wave solar inverter offers an array of intelligent features to enhance your solar experience.


  • Ensures uninterrupted power supply in both on-grid and off-grid scenarios.
  • Enables remote monitoring and control via Wi-Fi and GPRS.
  •  Offers the option to operate with or without a battery, with automatic lithium battery activation.
  •  Utilizes a built-in 120A MPPT charge controller for efficient energy capture.
  •  Accepts a broad range of PV input voltages, enhancing system compatibility.
  • Equipped to excel in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Optimizes battery life for increased reliability.
  • Provides flexibility in distributing power to meet various energy demands.



Specification Details
Inverter Type Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter (On/Off Grid)
Connectivity Wi-Fi and GPRS (iOS and Android support)
Battery Operation Inverter running without battery (2/3)
Factory Settings One-key restoration to factory settings
Battery Activation Built-in lithium battery automatic activation
MPPT Charge Controller Built-in 120A (for PV7200)
Solar Charge Capacity Max 6500W (for PV7200)
PV Input Voltage Range 90-450VDC
Anti-Dusk Kit Built-in for harsh environments
Battery Optimization Smart battery charge design
Output Dual output for flexibility



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