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Growatt 8kW Inverter is a versatile solution with an 8KW rated power and integrated MPPT solar charge controller. This all-in-one unit is designed for single-unit systems, providing convenience and efficiency. It offers pure sine wave AC output, robust protection features, and configurable AC/solar input priorities via an LCD setting. With compatibility for mains voltage or generator power and remote monitoring via WiFi/GPRS, it ensures reliable.

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Growatt 8kW All-In-One Inverter is a cutting-edge solution for reliable and efficient off-grid solar power systems. Its true split-phase functionality ensures exceptional performance and stability, making it ideal for off-grid backup power and self-consumption setups.


  • True Split Phase Design: The Growatt 8kW Inverter is equipped with a true split-phase configuration, providing 120V and 240V outputs, making it suitable for a wide range of appliances and equipment.
  • High Surge Capacity: With a 3X continuous surge rating of 24kW for 10 milliseconds, this inverter can handle sudden spikes in power demand, ensuring that your critical appliances run smoothly.
  • Stable and Consistent Power: Unlike transformer less inverters, this unit delivers power that is exceptionally stable and consistent, ensuring the reliable operation of your electrical devices.
  • Versatile Power Sources: The All-In-One Inverter can draw power from multiple sources, including solar arrays, a 48V battery bank and a generator/utility connection.




Specification Details
Inverter Capacity 8,000 Watts (8kW)
Output Voltage 120V/240V Split Phase
Inverter Type Low-Frequency Pure Sine Wave
Surge Capacity 24kW for 10ms
Input Voltage (Solar) Compatible with various solar panel configurations
Battery Compatibility 48V Battery Bank
MPPT Solar Charge Controller Integrated
Installation Easy and user-friendly
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