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HOPEWIND 10kW inverter is your gateway to clear and green energy through photovoltaic power generation. With a maximum DC voltage of 1100V and a robust power output of 16.5kW, it ensures high efficiency, reaching a remarkable maximum efficiency of 99.0%. Also its double channels MPPT technology enhances reliability, all while helping you save significantly on electricity costs. It’s the ideal choice for a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution.

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HOPEWIND 10kW inverter is an advanced solar inverter designed to deliver high-power performance and maximum efficiency in photovoltaic power generation. With a focus on reliability and environmental friendliness, this inverter is an ideal choice for both residential and commercial solar energy systems.


  • High Power: HOPEWIND 10kW inverter delivers up to 16.5kW of power with a max DC voltage of 1100V.
  • High Efficiency: Achieves an impressive maximum efficiency of 99.0% for optimized energy conversion.
  • High Reliability: Features double channels MPPT and comprehensive lightning protection for uninterrupted operation.
  • Compact Structure: Its compact design simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Friendly to the Environment: Provides clean and green energy, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.




Specification Details
DC Input
Max. DC Voltage 1100V
Starting Voltage 180V
MPPT Voltage Range 200V-1000V
MPPT Range Full Load 370V-880V
Max. Current/MPPT 20A
Number of DC Inputs 2
MPPT Number 2
AC Output
Rated Output Power 10kW
Max. Active Power (cosθ=1) 11kW
Rated Output Voltage 400V (Three Phase)(380V optional)
Operating Voltage Range 300V-480V
Rated Output Current 14.5A
Max. Output Current 16.0A
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power Factor 0.8(Leading)~0.8(Lagging)
THD <3%
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