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Hopewind 20 kw Inverter

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Hopewind 20 kW On-Grid Inverter is a cutting-edge solution for efficiently harnessing solar power and integrating it into your electrical grid. This high-capacity inverter boasts a range of features and benefits designed to maximize the performance and reliability of your solar energy system:

Feature Description
Model: Hopewind 20 kW On-Grid Inverter
Power Output: 20 kW
Grid Synchronization: Seamless synchronization with the grid’s AC voltage and frequency
MPPT Technology: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) for efficient energy production
Advanced Monitoring: Real-time data on energy production, system status, and issues
Smart Grid Integration: Compatibility with modern smart grids and demand-response capabilities
Safety Features: Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, anti-islanding
User Interface: Intuitive user interface for local and remote monitoring
Compact Design: Space-saving design for easier installation
Environmental Focus: Environmentally friendly materials and high efficiency
Warranty: Comprehensive warranty and customer support for long-term reliability
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