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Huawei 115 KTL

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Huawei 115 KTL ON Grid inverter is a powerful and technologically advanced device designed to efficiently convert solar energy into electricity for grid-connected applications. Its high capacity and innovative features make it a valuable component in large-scale solar power systems, contributing to renewable energy generation and reducing carbon emissions.

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Huawei 115 KTL ON Grid inverter is a high-capacity solar inverter designed for use in grid-tied solar power systems. Here’s a detailed description of this product:

Feature Description
Capacity 115 kW
Type On-Grid Solar Inverter
Efficiency High efficiency design to maximize energy yield
Technology Incorporates advanced features like MPPT
Monitoring Provides monitoring and control capabilities
Grid Connection Synchronizes with the utility grid
Durability Designed to withstand outdoor conditions
Safety Features Surge protection, overvoltage protection, etc.
Warranty Typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty
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