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Huawei 25KTL Inverter is a high-capacity, intelligent solution for managing solar power. With 27,500VA of power, it’s ideal for large installations. Featuring 2 independent MPP trackers and 4 DC connections, it maximizes energy production while maintaining efficiency at up to 98.4%. Integrated safety features, including PID recovery and AFCI arc detection, ensure reliable and secure operation.

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Huawei 25KTL Inverter, an innovative solution that takes energy management to the next level. This powerful 3-phase inverter with 27,500VA power offers exceptional performance and a host of intelligent features for optimal efficiency and safety.


  • Saves up to 80% time on fault detection.
  • Keeps track of system performance in real-time.
  • Maximizes energy production with fast power tracking.
  • Offers flexibility with 2 trackers and 4 DC connections.
  • Achieves up to 98.4% efficiency for cost savings.
  • Connect via WLAN, Ethernet, or 2G/3G/4G for easy monitoring.
  • Maintains peak performance over time.
  • Enhances electrical fault protection.
  • Ensures optimal operation, even in challenging conditions.
  • Suitable for durable outdoor installations.




Specification Value
Max. Efficiency 98.6%
CEC Efficiency 98.0%
Max. DC Voltage 1,000 V
Max. Current per MPPT 25A
Min. Operating Voltage 200 V
Full Power MPPT Voltage Range 560 V~850 V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 200 V~950 V
Rated Input Voltage 730 V
Max. Number of Inputs 6
Number of MPP Trackers 3
Rated AC Power 25,000 W
Max. AC Apparent Power 27,500 VA
Max. AC Active Power (cosφ=1) 25,000 W
Rated Output Voltage 277V/480V, 3W+PE/3W+N+PE
Rated AC Grid Frequency 60 Hz
Max. Output Current 33 A
Adjustable Power Factor 0.8 LG … 0.8 LD
Max. Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
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