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Huawei 8KTL-M1 is a reliable and efficient solar inverter designed to enhance the performance of solar installations connected to three-phase grids. Its compact design, compatibility with battery storage, and real-time monitoring capabilities make it a valuable choice for those looking to harness solar energy effectively while minimizing installation hassles.

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Huawei 8KTL-M1 solar inverter is an advanced and innovative solution designed for solar installations that are connected to a three-phase grid, whether or not a battery is incorporated into the system. This inverter stands out for its compact and space-saving design, which offers increased flexibility when it comes to installation. Furthermore, it provides users with easy and real-time control and monitoring capabilities, making it a practical choice for both residential and commercial solar setups.

Feature Description
Model Huawei 8KTL-M1
Compatibility Three-phase grid, with or without battery
Dimensions 525x470x166mm
Weight 17kg
Battery Support Yes (Optional)
Real-Time Monitoring Available
Technical Support Available (Select during installation)
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