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Inverex Nitrox 10 KW-3Ph On-Grid Solar Inverter

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Experience peak solar energy efficiency with the Inverex Nitrox 10 KW-3Ph On-Grid Solar Inverter. This high-performance inverter features dual MPPT controllers for optimal power output, advanced connectivity, weatherproof design with IP65 protection, and a 10-year warranty for peace of mind. Upgrade your solar system for maximum efficiency and reliability.

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Upgrade your solar energy system with the Inverex Nitrox 10 KW-3Ph On-Grid Solar Inverter, a cutting-edge solution designed to maximize the efficiency and reliability of your solar power setup. This inverter is a powerhouse of features, making it an ideal choice for those seeking high-performance, eco-friendly energy solutions.


  • High Efficiency (98.3%): Exceptional energy conversion for maximum power.
  • Dual MPPT Controller: Optimizes solar panel output in changing conditions.
  • Advanced Connectivity: RS485/RS232 interfaces for monitoring and control.
  • Transformer less Design: Minimizes energy loss, improving efficiency.
  • Three-Phase Compatible: Versatile for various power needs.
  • Surge Resilience: Built to withstand high surge conditions.
  • Zero Export: Control energy export, grid-compliant.
  • High Power Factor: Optimizes power utilization.
  • Weatherproof (IP65): Suitable for outdoor use, protects against elements.
  • Ingress Protection (IP65): Guards against dust and water.
  • Long Warranty (10 Years): Includes a 5-year replacement warranty for peace of mind.
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