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Inverex Veyron II MPPT Solar Inverter 3200W-24V

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Inverex Veyron II MPPT Solar Inverter 3200W-24V offers a range of innovative features that address efficiency, reliability, and compatibility concerns in the solar inverter market. These features could disrupt the industry by providing customers with a versatile, efficient, and durable solution for harnessing solar energy.

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Inverex Veyron II MPPT Solar Inverter 3200W-24V appears to offer several disruptive features and innovations in the solar inverter market:

Feature Description
Auto Synchronization with Inverex Lithium Battery Seamless integration with Inverex Lithium Batteries.
Works without Battery Directly on Solar Operates directly on solar power without a battery.
Communication Port for BMS RS485, CAN-BUS, and RS232 communication capabilities.
Built-In Anti-Dust Kit Protection against dust for improved longevity.
Conformal Coating for PCB Protection Guards against humidity-related damage.
Grid-Tie/Net Metering Option Integration with the grid and net metering support.
Built-In MPPT Solar Charger Up to 4000 Watts (80 Amp) for optimal panel efficiency.
Built-In BMS & SOC Battery Control Management of batteries for longevity and efficiency.
Built-in Grid Feeding Feeds excess energy back into the grid.
Upgraded Model with Attractive Design Enhanced aesthetics and appeal.
PV-4000WATT5 SOLAR MPPT (120-450 VDC) Compatible with a wide range of solar panels.
18 AMP MPPT Supports 600 Watts Panels Compatibility with higher capacity panels.
Warranty 5 years of warranty for customer peace of mind.
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