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Inverex Veyron II MPPT Solar Inverter 3200W-48V

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Inverex Veyron II MPPT Solar Inverter 3200W-48V stands out due to its advanced features, including battery integration, dust and humidity protection, communication options, and grid-tie capabilities. These aspects make it a disruptive product in the solar inverter market, offering improved efficiency, reliability, and versatility to users.

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Inverex Veyron II MPPT Solar Inverter 3200W-48V appears to be a cutting-edge solar inverter with several notable features and innovations. Here’s a breakdown of its disruptive aspects:

Feature Description
Auto Synchronization with Inverex Lithium Battery Simplifies battery integration for efficient energy management
Works without Battery Directly on Solar Utilizes solar power directly when the sun is shining
Communication Port for BMS Enables connectivity with Battery Management Systems (BMS)
Built-In Anti-Dust Kit Protects against dust and debris for increased durability
Conformal Coating for PCB Protection Guards the PCB against humidity for enhanced reliability
Grid-Tie/Net Metering Option Supports feeding excess energy back into the grid
Built-In MPPT Solar Charger (Up to 4000W) Optimizes solar panel efficiency with high capacity
Built-In BMS & SOC based battery control Simplifies battery management and State of Charge control
Built-In Grid Feeding Allows for feeding excess energy into the grid
Upgraded Model New Attractive Design Aesthetically pleasing design for consumer appeal
PV-4000WATT5 SOLAR MPPT (120-450 VDC) Wide input voltage range for flexibility in solar panel setup
5 Years Warranty Extended warranty period for added peace of mind
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