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Inverex VEYRON II MPPT SOLAR INVERTER 6000W-48V combines multiple advanced features, scalability, and ease of integration, making it a disruptive product in the solar inverter market. Its ability to operate without a battery, support grid-tie/net metering, and handle various communication protocols sets it apart from traditional inverters, potentially revolutionizing how solar energy is harnessed and utilized.

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Inverex VEYRON II MPPT SOLAR INVERTER 6000W-48V appears to be a disruptive product in the solar energy and inverter market. Here are some key disruptive features and aspects of this product:

Feature Description
Inverter Capacity 6000W
Input Voltage 48V DC
Dual Output Option Yes
Auto Synchronization with Lithium Battery Yes
Grid-Tie/Net Metering Option Yes
Zero Export Device Required No
Parallel Kit (Up to 9 Units) Optional
Works Without Battery Directly On Solar Yes
Built-in MPPT Solar Charger Up to 6500 Watts (120 Amp)
Anti-Dust Kit Yes (For Dust Protection)
Communication Ports RS485, CAN-BUS, RS232
PCB Protection Conformal Coating for Humidity Protection
Built-In Battery Management System (BMS) Yes (SOC-based battery control)
MPPT Amp Support 27 AMP (Up to 600 Watts Solar Panels)
Built-in Grid Feeding Yes
Design Upgraded Model with New Attractive Design
Solar Input Voltage Range 120-430 VDC
Solar Charger Amp Capacity 120 Amp
Warranty 5 Years
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