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Phono Solar Panels 550-570W , Mono-M6

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Phono Solar Panels 550-570W Mono-M6 represent a high-quality, high-efficiency solar panel option suitable for various applications. They offer robust performance, longevity, and aesthetic appeal while contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy future.

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Phono Solar Panels 550-570W Mono-M6 are high-performance solar panels designed to harness solar energy efficiently and convert it into electricity. These solar panels are part of the Mono-M6 series, which signifies their monocrystalline cell technology, a premium choice known for its excellent efficiency and sleek appearance. Here’s a detailed description of these solar panels:

Feature Phono Solar Panels 550-570W Mono-M6
Power Output 550-570 watts per panel
Cell Technology Monocrystalline
Durability Tempered glass, aluminum frame, waterproof junction box
Efficiency High energy conversion efficiency
Aesthetics Sleek and modern design
Reliability Long-term performance with 25+ years warranty
Environmental Benefits Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
Easy Installation Designed for simplified installation
Certifications Compliant with industry standards
Compatibility Works with various inverters and mounting systems
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