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OLAX 10KW ON-GRID SOLAR INVERTER is boasting up to 98.10% efficiency, dual MPPT trackers, and IP610 protection, this inverter maximizes energy output and ensures durability. Designed for Pakistan’s climate, it safeguards against voltage issues and overloads, making it the smart choice for reliable, efficient solar power.

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Elevate your solar energy game with the SOLAX 10KW ON-GRID SOLAR INVERTER. Designed for efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, this cutting-edge inverter is your gateway to harnessing solar power effectively.


  • Maximum Efficiency: Up to 98.10% efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your solar panels.
  • Dual MPPT Trackers: Optimizes power harvesting, adapting to varying sunlight conditions.
  • High Protection Class: IP610-rated for indoor/outdoor use, built to last.
  • Comprehensive Protection: Guards against over/under voltage, earth issues, an-islanding, overload, over-temperature, and RCD Protection.
  • Tailored for Pakistan: Customized for local conditions, making it a reliable choice for Pakistan’s climate and grid.
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