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Solis 20kW inverter is a part of the Solis 3P 4G Three Phase Range, is a high-performance solar solution. With its wide 160V-850V MPPT voltage range, precise dual MPPT design, and low THDi (<1.5%), it ensures optimal energy production while minimizing grid harmonic distortion. Achieving over 98.7% efficiency, it offers reliability and multiple protection levels. It provides communication flexibility with RS485 and optional WiFi/LAN/GPRS interfaces.

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Solis 20kW inverter from the Solis 3P 4G Three Phase Range is a highly advanced and efficient solution for three-phase solar power systems. Designed to meet the demands of modern energy generation, this inverter combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional performance.


  • Wide MPPT Voltage Range: 160V-850V for effective energy capture in varying conditions.
  • Dual MPPT Design: Maximizes energy yield by optimizing power from multiple solar arrays.
  • Low Harmonic Distortion: THDi<1.5% reduces grid compatibility issues and electrical interference.
  • High Efficiency: Over 98.7% efficiency for effective solar energy conversion.
  • Comprehensive Protections: Multiple protection levels enhance long-term system reliability.
  • Communication Interfaces: Offers RS485, WiFi, LAN, and optional GPRS for seamless monitoring.
  • Mobile Monitoring: Android and Apple apps provide real-time insights into system performance.




Specification Value
Model Name Solis-3P20K-4G
Input DC
Max. DC Input Power (kW) 24
Max. DC Input Voltage (V) 1000
Start-up Voltage (V) 180
MPPT Voltage Range (V) 160-850
Max. Input Current (A/B) 22A+22A
Max. Short Circuit Current for each MPPT 34.3A+34.3A
MPPT Number/Max Input Strings Number 2/A:2; B:2
Output AC
Rated Output Power (kW) 20
Max. Apparent Output Power (kVA) 22
Max. Output Power (kW) 22
Rated Grid Voltage (V) 400
Rated Grid Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Grid Frequency Range (Hz) 47-52 or 57-62
Operation Phase Three Phase
Rated Grid Output Current (A) 28.9
Max. Output Current (A) 31.8
Power Factor (at Rated Output Power) 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
THDi (at Rated Output Power) <1.5%
DC Injection Current <0.5%In
Max. Efficiency 98.7%
EU Efficiency 98.1%
MPPT Efficiency >99.5%
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