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Solis 25-50kW

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Solis 25-50KW inverters are cutting-edge solar power solution, boasting a remarkable 98.6% efficiency and accommodating input voltages up to 1,000V. Perfectly suited for commercial and industrial solar setups, it ensures exceptional energy conversion and reliability.

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Solis 25-50KW Inverters are powerful and reliable solar energy solution engineered to meet the demands of large-scale solar installations. With cutting-edge technology and a robust design, this inverter is poised to deliver exceptional performance for commercial and industrial applications.

Key Features:

Efficiency: Boasting a remarkable maximum efficiency of 97%, the Solis 25KW Inverter ensures that every ray of sunlight is converted into valuable energy.

Wide Input Voltage Range: Supporting input voltages from 200 V to 1100 V, this inverter adapts to various solar configurations, optimizing energy harvest.

Robust Design: With an IP65 ingress protection rating, it’s built to withstand the toughest environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Output Power: Providing a substantial 25 kW of rated output power, this inverter is a powerhouse, making it suitable for large-scale commercial and industrial projects.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Equipped with a wide MPPT voltage range of 200-850 V, it precisely tracks and harnesses the maximum power available from your solar panels.

Compact and Lightweight: Despite its power, it maintains a manageable size (630 x 700 x 357 mm) and weight (63 kg), making installation straightforward and space-efficient.



General Data Details
Model: 25K-LV
Recommended Max. PV Power: 30 kW
Max. Input Voltage: 1100 V
Rated Voltage: 600 V
Start-Up Voltage: 200 V
MPPT Voltage Range: 200-850 V
Max. Input Current: 28.5 A
Max. Short Circuit Current: 44.5 A
Rated Output Power: 25 kW
Max. Output Current: 65.6 A
Max. Efficiency: 97%
Dimensions: 630 x 700 x 357 mm
Weight: 63 kg
Ingress Protection: IP65
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