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Elevate your solar system’s performance with the SUNGROW 33KW ON-GRID SOLAR INVERTER. Its high-yield design, smart operation, and proven safety features ensure efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and peace of mind for your solar energy needs. Choose excellence with Electronic Solutions.

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SUNGROW 33KW ON-GRID SOLAR INVERTER is designed to maximize yield, minimize costs, and ensure your safety while contributing to a sustainable future. Make the smart choice with Electronic solutions today.

High Yield Powerhouse: Experience unmatched efficiency with up to 5 Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPPTs) achieving an impressive 98.7% efficiency. Compatible with bifacial modules for maximum energy harvest. Plus, it comes with a built-in PID recovery function to ensure consistent performance.

Smart Operation & Maintenance: Say goodbye to hassles with touch-free commissioning and remote firmware upgrades. Monitor your system’s health with online IV curve scans and diagnosis. The fuse-free design, coupled with intelligent string current monitoring, keeps your system running seamlessly. Optional Wi-Fi communication ensures you’re always in control.

Cost-Efficient Design: Reduce installation costs with compatibility for both Aluminum (Al) and Copper (Cu) AC cables. The DC 2-in-1 connection feature simplifies wiring, making installation a breeze. Choose cable-free communication with the optional Wi-Fi module for added convenience.

Proven Safety Standards: Rest easy knowing your investment is protected. The SUNGROW 33KW inverter boasts an IP66 rating and C5 anti-corrosion grade, ensuring durability in diverse conditions. It also features Type II Surge Protection Devices (SPD) for both DC and AC sides, safeguarding your system against electrical surges. Compliant with global safety and grid code standards, it’s a reliable choice for your solar power needs.

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