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Tesla Hybrid HLE 15 kw

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Tesla Hybrid HLE 15 kW. This system is designed for use with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and can handle both PV power generation and grid-connected power distribution. Here’s a description of its features and specifications:

Specification Value
Model Name Tesla Hybrid HLE 15 kW
Inverter Type Hybrid (Solar PV and Grid)
Input Power
Maximum PV Input Power 15 kW (15000 Watts)
Maximum DC Voltage 450 VDC
Start-up Input Voltage 130 VDC
Output Power
Rated Output Power 15 kW (3-phase)
Nominal DC Voltage 360 VDC
Initial Feeding Voltage 150 VDC
MPP Voltage Range 120 VDC ~ 430 VDC
Nominal Output Voltage 220/230/240 VDC
Charging Capability
Maximum Charging Power 11.52 kW DC
Power Factor >0.99
Output Voltage Range
Selectable Output Voltage 184–264.5 VAC or 195.5–253 VAC
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