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4P DB Box

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4P DB Box is a distribution box designed for four-pole electrical systems, often used in three-phase power distribution. It is constructed from high-quality steel with a matt-finish polyester powder-coated paint. The box provides knockouts for easy wiring and accommodates plug-in type miniature circuit breakers. It’s suitable for AC 50/60Hz, with rated voltages of 120/240V and 240/415V, and can handle currents up to 100A.

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4P DB Box typically refers to a distribution box or enclosure designed to house electrical components and wiring for a four-pole (4P) electrical system. Here’s a description of what you might expect from a 4P DB Box:

Aspect Description
Material & Construction Typically made of high-quality steel sheet, 0.6 – 1.0 mm thickness, for durability and protection.
Finish Matt-finish polyester powder-coated painting for a clean and durable appearance.
Knockouts Knockouts provided on top and bottom of the enclosure for convenient wiring entry and exit.
Compatibility Accepts all Plug-in type miniature circuit breakers.
Electrical Ratings Suitable for AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 120/240V, 240/415V, rated current up to 100A.
Wider Enclosure The wider enclosure design facilitates easy wiring and excellent heat dissipation.
Mounting Options Available in flush and surface-mounted designs for installation flexibility.
Poles Designed for a four-pole (4P) electrical system, commonly used for three-phase power distribution.
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