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8P DB Box with C/O with Volt Meter

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8P DB Box with C/O with Volt Meter is a specialized electrical distribution box that provides eight separate connection points for circuits. It also includes a changeover switch, which allows for the switching between power sources or circuits, and a voltmeter to monitor voltage levels. This type of equipment is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings to ensure reliable and efficient electrical distribution and management.

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8P DB Box with C/O (Changeover) and Volt Meter” refers to an electrical distribution box or panel that is designed for specific functions and features. Let’s break down the components and their functions:

Component Function
Product Electrical Distribution Box
Product Type 8 Breakers+Change Over+Volt Meter
Compatibility Suitable for Single & Double Pole Breakers
Design Unique Design
Material Strong Electrical Grade ABS Plastic Material
Durability Unbreakable and Heat Proof
Functionality Supports Single phase to Three Phase Electrical Distribution
Application Suitable for Home and Industrial Purposes for Electrical Distribution
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