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CNC 2P DC Breaker (32A 63A 125A)

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CNC 2P DC circuit breakers are designed to protect DC electrical circuits against overcurrents and short circuits. They come in three different amperage ratings (32A, 63A, and 125A) to accommodate a wide range of DC applications.

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CNC 2P DC circuit breakers, available in 32A, 63A, and 125A ratings, are essential components in electrical systems designed for direct current (DC) applications. These breakers provide crucial protection and control functions for a wide range of DC circuits, such as those found in solar power systems, battery banks, and various industrial applications.

Product Name CNC 2P DC Circuit Breakers
Amperage Ratings 32A, 63A, 125A
Number of Poles 2
Applications DC circuits for various purposes, including solar, industrial, and more.
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