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Schnider 3P AC Breaker (32A,63A)

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Schneider 3P AC Breaker (32A, 63A) is a robust circuit breaker engineered for three-phase electrical systems. It offers dependable protection against overcurrents and short circuits, safeguarding industrial and commercial installations. Notable features include advanced thermal-magnetic trip technology, compact design for space efficiency, and easy installation, making it an ideal choice for ensuring safe and efficient electrical circuit operation.

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  1. Model: Domae low voltage miniature circuit breaker (MCB).
  2. Configuration: 3Pole circuit breaker.
  3. Rated Current: 63Amp (In).
  4. Tripping Curve: C tripping curve.
  5. Short Circuit Breaking Capacity: Icn rated up to 4500A at 400VAC, providing robust protection against short circuits.
  6. Protection: Protects circuits against both short circuit and overload currents.
  7. Fault Tripping Indication: Front panel handle indicates fault tripping (O-I engraved).
  8. Endurance:
    • Electrical Endurance: Up to 10,000 cycles.
    • Mechanical Endurance: Up to 20,000 cycles.
  9. Operational Voltage: 400VAC.
  10. Operating Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz.
  11. Mounting: Easily clips onto a DIN rail for convenient installation.
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