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Schinder 2P AC SPD

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Schinder 2P AC SPD is a two-pole Alternating Current Surge Protective Device designed to protect electrical systems from voltage surges and spikes with a capacity to handle surges in the range of 20,000 to 40,000 volts. This device safeguards both live and neutral wires in AC electrical systems, offering comprehensive protection against transient voltage events.

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  • Voltage Protection: A 2P AC SPD safeguards equipment by diverting excess voltage away, preventing damage caused by overvoltage events.
  • Two-Pole Configuration: With a two-pole design, it shields both live (hot) and neutral wires, offering comprehensive protection in AC electrical systems.
  • Fast Response Time: A high-quality 2P AC SPD reacts swiftly to transient surges, reducing the risk of equipment damage by quickly clamping excessive voltage.
  • Mounting Options: These SPDs offer versatile installation methods, such as panel mounting or DIN rail mounting, ensuring compatibility with various electrical systems.
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