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TOMZN 2P 275V AC SPD is a surge protective device (SPD) designed to protect electrical circuits and equipment from voltage surges or spikes in a 275V AC power supply. It is a two-pole (2P) device, indicating it can safeguard both the live and neutral lines in the AC power system. This SPD helps prevent damage to sensitive electronics and ensures the reliable operation of electrical equipment by diverting excessive voltage to ground during transient voltage events.

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  • Voltage Rating: 275V AC, compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz, designed for 1-phase systems.
  • Application: Specifically engineered to safeguard your electrical system and on-loading electrical apparatus from both thunder and instantaneous over-voltage.
  • Compliance: This product conforms to the IEC/EN 61643-1 standard, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Pole Configuration: Features a 2-pole design for comprehensive protection.

Product Specifications for ABC-200 Voltage Protector:

  • Voltage Rating: 275V AC, suitable for both 50Hz and 60Hz systems.
  • Application: Dedicated to protecting your electrical system and on-loading electrical equipment from thunder and instantaneous over-voltage events.

Product Specifications for LM-300 Surge Controller:

  • Voltage Rating: Designed for single-phase power distribution and control systems operating at AC50/60Hz and 230V.
  • Short Circuit Current Handling: Capable of withstanding short circuit currents of up to 10kA (8/20μs).
  • Application: Offers robust protection for your electrical system and on-loading electrical apparatus against lightning strikes and instantaneous over-voltage occurrences.
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