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SUNGROW 15KW inverter, with a 15 kW capacity and remarkable 98.6% maximum efficiency, is a trademark product known for its quality. It features IP65 protection, an LED display, and supports both Bluetooth+APP connectivity and RS485 communication standards. Optional WIFI and Ethernet connectivity are also available for added versatility.

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SUNGROW 15KW inverter is a high-performance solar power inverter designed for residential and commercial solar energy systems. This inverter boasts cutting-edge features and specifications to maximize energy conversion and provide reliable power generation. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of its key features and specifications in a table format.


  • Capacity: 15 kW
  • Maximum Efficiency: 98.6%
  • Trademark: SUNGROW
  • Protection Level: IP65
  • Display: LED, Bluetooth+APP
  • Communication Standards: RS485
  • Optional Communication: WIFI, Ethernet



Specification Details
Capacity 15 kW
Maximum Efficiency 98.6%
Trademark SUNGROW
Protection Level IP65
Display LED, Bluetooth+APP
Communication Standards RS485
Optional Communication WIFI, Ethernet
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