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TOMZN 2P DC SPD is a two-pole surge protective device (SPD) engineered to safeguard DC electrical circuits and equipment from voltage surges in a 275V DC power supply. It ensures the uninterrupted operation of sensitive electronics by redirecting excess voltage to ground during transient voltage events, preventing damage.

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TOMZN 2P DC SPD (Surge Protective Device) is a reliable solution designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage surges and transients in DC power systems. With its high-quality construction and CE certification, this surge protector offers peace of mind for applications requiring robust surge protection.


  1. Surge Protection: Safeguards sensitive equipment from voltage spikes and transient surges.
  2. Two-Pole Design: Suitable for DC power systems, providing protection for both positive and negative poles.
  3. High-Quality Build: Designed for long-lasting durability and dependable performance.
  4. CE Certification: Complies with European safety standards for added reliability.
  5. Easy Installation: User-friendly design for straightforward setup and integration into existing systems.



Specification Details
Model Number TZG40-PV
Type Surge Protective Device
Brand Name TOMZN
Origin Mainland China
Certification CE
Voltage Rating DC (Direct Current)
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