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TOMZN 2P MTS 2P+2P C-O 63A (Simple) Breaker

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Tomzn 2P MTS: Your solution for uninterrupted power. With a 63A capacity, it smoothly switches between power sources, ensuring a reliable supply. Ideal for critical environments like hospitals, banks, and more, with built-in overload and short-circuit protection for ultimate peace of mind.

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Tomzn 2P MTS is a dependable manual transfer switch designed for dual-path power supply systems operating at 50Hz/60Hz AC. With a rated working voltage range of 240V to 400V and a 63A current rating, this switch ensures a seamless transition to reserve power or a generator in the event of a common power failure, guaranteeing a reliable and safe power supply.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Transfer: Automatically switches to reserve power or a generator during power failures, ensuring uninterrupted supply.
  • Wide Voltage Range: Compatible with voltages ranging from 240V to 400V for versatile usage.
  • Overload and Short-Circuit Protection: Built-in protective functions enhance safety in critical applications.
  • Ideal for Critical Environments: Perfect for use in settings where continuous power supply is essential, including hospitals, banks, high-rise buildings, and more.



Specification Details
Product Name Tomzn 2P MTS
Type Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)
Voltage Rating 240V~400V
Current Rating 63A
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz AC
Overload Protection Yes
Short-Circuit Protection Yes
Suitable Environments Hospitals, Banks, Firefighting, Marketplaces, High-rise Buildings, TV Stations, etc.
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