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TOMZN 3P MTS 3P+3P (Interlocking) C-O 63A Breaker

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TOMZN 3P MTS 3P+3P (Interlocking) Circuit Breaker, rated at 63A, is a reliable electrical protection device for three-phase systems. Its advanced interlocking mechanism ensures enhanced safety and coordination in power distribution networks.

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TOMZN 3P MTS 3P+3P (Interlocking) Circuit Breaker is a high-quality, three-phase circuit protection solution designed for electrical systems requiring a maximum current rating of 63A. Its advanced interlocking mechanism ensures safe and coordinated operation, making it suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Key Specifications:

  1. Three-Phase Protection: Designed for three-phase electrical systems, providing comprehensive protection.
  2. Interlocking Mechanism: Equipped with a 3P+3P interlocking mechanism for enhanced safety and coordination.
  3. High Current Rating: Rated for a maximum current of 63 Amperes, suitable for demanding industrial applications.
  4. Manual Toggle Operation: Allows for manual operation, making it easy to reset and control the breaker.
  5. Versatile Applications: Suitable for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial settings.



Specification Value
Number of Poles 3 (Three)
Rated Current 63 Amperes
Voltage Rating Suitable for Three-Phase Systems
Circuit Operation Manual Toggle Operation
Interlocking Yes (3P+3P Interlocking)
Suitable Applications Industrial, Commercial
Protection Type Circuit Overload and Short Circuit
Enclosure Type C-O (Open Type)
Compliance Conforms to Relevant Safety Standards
Mounting DIN Rail Mountable
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