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11P DB Box Pixel (Economical Quality)

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11P DB Box Pixel is a compact, durable distribution box designed for 8 to 11 circuits. It features an elegant white finish, premium plastic board with a metal body, and measures 20 cm in height, 32 cm in width, and 9.4 cm in length. It’s suitable for various settings and offers corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.

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11P DB Box Pixel (Economical Quality) is a type of electrical distribution box commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to house and protect electrical circuits and components. Here is a description of this specific DB (Distribution Board) box:

Property Description
Product Name Distribution Box
Product Type 8 to 11 Ways
Product Color Elegant White
Height 20 cm
Width 32 cm
Length 9.4 cm
Scope Suitable for a variety of family-style settings
Product Quality No deformation, no oxidation, corrosion resistance
Product Material Premium Plastic Board with Metal Body
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