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13P DB Box Pixel (Economical Quality)

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13P DB Box Pixel (Economical Quality) is a cost-effective distribution box for up to 13 circuit breakers. It’s designed for residential and small commercial use, featuring durable construction, a neutral finish, and easy wall mounting. This compact box efficiently manages electrical circuits.

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13P DB Box Pixel (Economical Quality) is an electrical distribution box designed to house and protect electrical circuits in residential and commercial settings. Key details about this product include:

Property Description
Product Name 13P DB Box Pixel (Economical Quality)
Capacity Designed for 13 miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)
Quality Economical Quality
Material Durable and fire-resistant materials
Color Neutral color (e.g., white or gray)
Cover and Door Transparent or opaque cover with hinged door
Mounting Wall-mounted installation
Dimensions Compact size, variable by manufacturer
Usage Residential and small commercial applications
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