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21P DB Box Metal

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21P DB Box Metal” appears to be a metal enclosure or box designed for various electrical and wiring applications. While the specific details may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended use, here is a general description of what you might expect from a metal DB (Distribution Box) box like this:

Aspect Description
Material & Construction Typically made of steel or aluminum for durability and protection.
Size & Dimensions Available in various sizes to accommodate electrical components.
Features – Hinged or removable cover. – Knockouts for wiring entry/exit. – Provisions for mounting electrical components. – Grounding and cable clamp options.
Applications Used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings for electrical distribution and component housing.
Protection Provides protection against dust, moisture, physical damage, and tampering.
Customization May offer options for locking mechanisms, coatings for corrosion resistance, etc.
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