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14P DB Box Reliable

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14P Distributor Box is an electrical enclosure used for organizing and distributing electrical connections. It typically has 14 ports or terminals for wires, is made of sturdy materials, may include circuit protection, and offers protection against environmental factors. It’s used in various applications for safe and efficient electrical distribution. Specific features may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

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14P Distributor Box is an electrical enclosure designed to house and organize electrical connections, typically with 14 ports or terminals for various electrical cables or wires. These boxes are used in various electrical applications, such as residential, commercial, or industrial settings, to manage and distribute electrical power or signals safely and efficiently.

Feature Description
Purpose Electrical distribution and organization
Port Count 14 ports or terminals for electrical connections
Construction Material Typically metal or plastic
Environmental Protection Protection against moisture, dust, and physical damage
Circuit Protection May include circuit breakers or fuses
Labeling Ports are usually labeled or numbered
Closing Mechanism Secure closing or locking mechanism
Mounting Options Wall mounting, DIN rail mounting, or others
Ventilation Some models may have ventilation or cooling features
IP Rating May have an IP rating indicating dust/water protection
Compliance Meets relevant electrical safety and compliance standards
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