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Tomzn 2P V+A Protection relay(40-63A)

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Tomzn 2P V+A Protection Relay (40-63A) is like a safety guard for your electrical devices. It protects them from sudden high or low voltage and too much electrical flow, which can damage them. It also fixes problems automatically and tells you the voltage and current levels, helping you keep an eye on your electrical system easily. It’s a reliable choice to keep your equipment safe and working well.

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  • Over-voltage Protection: Safeguards against voltage spikes and surges, preventing damage to electrical equipment.
  • Under-voltage Protection: Detects low voltage conditions and cuts off power to prevent potential damage or malfunctions.
  • Over-current Protection: Swiftly reacts to abnormal current levels, isolating the circuit to maintain system integrity.
  • Automatic Recovery: Minimizes downtime by automatically restoring power after successfully mitigating electrical faults.
  • Voltage Display: Provides real-time voltage measurements, allowing you to monitor electrical conditions.
  • Current Display: Offers precise current measurements for efficient monitoring and optimization of equipment performance.
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