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Tomzn 2P V+A Protection relay(63-80A)

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Tomzn 2P V+A Protection Relay (40-63A) is like a safety guard for your electrical devices. It keeps them safe from voltage issues and excessive electrical flow. It can also fix problems by itself and shows you the voltage and current levels. You can even adjust its settings and easily check for faults. It’s a smart choice to protect and manage your electrical equipment.

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  • Over-voltage Protection: Guards against voltage spikes and surges.
  • Under-voltage Protection: Detects low voltage conditions and cuts off power.
  • Over-current Protection: Swiftly reacts to excessive currents, maintaining system integrity.
  • Automatic Recovery: Minimizes downtime by restoring power after resolving electrical faults.
  • Voltage Display: Provides real-time voltage measurements for monitoring.
  • Current Display: Offers precise current measurements for efficient monitoring.
  • Voltage Calibration: Allows adjustment of voltage settings within a range of +-10%.
  • Restore Factory Settings: Easily reset to default settings with a button press.
  • Fault Inquiry: Quickly access fault information for troubleshooting.
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