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TOMZN 6 in 1 Digital Meter

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TOMZN 6 in 1 Digital Meter is your all-in-one electrical monitor. It measures voltage, current, and energy consumption in one device, perfect for homes and businesses. It’s easy to install on DIN rails and works with AC 220V systems. You can track electrical load, ensure power quality, and even calculate energy use accurately. Plus, it supports up to 100A current and is compact yet comprehensive, simplifying your electrical monitoring setup.

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  • All-in-One Meter: Monitors voltage, current, and kWh energy consumption in a single device.
  • DIN Rail Installation: Designed for easy installation on DIN rails.
  • AC 220V Compatibility: Compatible with AC 220V electrical systems.
  • Current Measurement: Monitors electrical load by measuring current.
  • Voltage Monitoring: Ensures power supply quality with continuous voltage monitoring.
  • Energy Consumption Calculation: Accurately calculates and displays kWh energy consumption.
  • High Capacity: Supports a maximum current of 100A.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use.
  • Compact and Comprehensive: Provides comprehensive electrical parameter monitoring in a compact device.




  • AC Voltage Range: 160.0V to 275.0V AC
  • AC Current Range: 0.2A to 100.0A AC
  • Frequency Range: 45.0Hz to 65.0Hz
  • Power Factor Range: 0.00 to 1.00 PF (Power Factor)
  • Electric Power Range: 0W to 450,000W (450kW)
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