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TOMZN 4P V+A Protection Relay 80Amp

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TOMZN 4P V+A Protection Relay 80Amp is like a watchful guardian for your electrical devices. It keeps them safe from voltage problems, adjusts to prevent too much electrical flow, and even ensures the electricity flows in the right direction. You can set it to act at specific times and customize voltage and current measurements. It’s your go-to choice for safeguarding and managing your electrical systems effectively.

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  • Over-voltage Protection (Adjustable):Tailor the relay to your specific needs by adjusting the over-voltage protection settings, keeping your equipment safe from voltage surges.
  • Under-voltage Protection (Adjustable):Customize under-voltage protection to your desired levels, ensuring that low voltage conditions don’t harm your devices.
  • Over-Current Protection (Adjustable):Adjust the over-current protection settings to safeguard your systems from excessive electrical currents.
  • Asymmetry Protection:Detects and mitigates imbalances in the electrical system, preventing damage caused by uneven load distribution.
  • Phase Sequence Protection:Ensures that the correct phase sequence is maintained, preventing equipment damage due to phase reversal.
  • Active Time and Reconnect Time Adjustable:Allows you to set active and reconnect times, providing flexibility in controlling power restoration.
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